About Me


To know me better see my interview here, published by BEAUTYLISH!



Because I know facts are important, so I’ll get it out of the way first… =)

I have worked as the Beauty Editor for Miroir Magazine, an international arts and fashion magazine showcasing established as well as up-and-coming contemporary artists.

I have been working at Shiseido, YSL, Illamasqua, and currently with Sephora. This allows me to branch out and explore different brands, all with very different aesthetics. As an artist, I feel like by NOT commiting to one brand exclusively, gives me more freedom to explore new products and be inspired.

I have attended the highlight and contour workshop hosted by the legendary celebrity makeup artist Scott Barnes in LA, as well as numerous brand trainings. If you have questions about a product, chances are, I will be able to tell you a thing or two about it.

I have been the lead makeup artist for fashion shows and have done various wedding shows, and of course proms and weddings as well.


Now, onwards to who I really am… =)

Makeup IS my PASSION. If I win the lottery tomorrow I’ll do makeup for free for the rest of my life.

Fashion, Arts, Designs, Nature… inspire me. I love all things beautiful. I believe beauty comes from within.

I believe confident women are beautiful. I believe in “look good feel better”.

I love showing people what suits their lifestyle and features, and not just copying trends onto every face because not everyone suits everything, and every individual is unique. I want everyone to look their best, or look the best of how they want to.

I love educating too! There is no point in me showing I can make up a face (because you KNOW I can) if you can’t recreate it on your own. I love explaining colour theory, textures and how-to’s if you are interested.

I love the moments when I finish my work and see the prom girls’ faces light up and there’s that sparkle in the eyes from the mother-of-the-bride.

I love convincing people that they don’t need to be celebrities to be beautiful, one face at a time.



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