chinese opera inspired, wedding headdress

This shoot is inspired by the Chinese Operas. They are often romantic love stories about beautiful ladies and talented scholars, performed on stage, the costumes are very elaborate with lots of embroidery and sequence, also the actresses wear gorgeous headdresses. As real costumes of the Operas are very delicate and expensive, I could only borrow this from a newlywed friend, who generously lent me her wedding headpiece.

I want the look to be quite modern, so I decided to give Lianne a fake tattoo. It’s the same tattoo on David Beckham. Our lovely photographer Mingyang painstakingly cut out the stencil for me while I was doing the makeup on Lianne. I think it turned out beautiful. What do you think?




photographer: MINGYANG SUN

model: LIANNE

set stylist: LILY LI

makeup, hair: ME =)


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